GLPI Plugins

Asset Handover plugin for glpi

Asset Handover for GLPI

Ultimate Asset Management Solution. Perform Asset Handover swiftly and securely, while retaining full control and information throughout the entire end-to-end process.

TViewer plugin for glpi

TViewer for GLPI

Tviewer is the ultimate plugin that brings remote support integration right to your fingertips.

logotipo del plugin signaturit

Signaturit for GLPI

Simplify and expedite your document signing processes with Signaturit Plugin, the cutting-edge digital signature solution designed to streamline your workflow. With its seamless integration and robust features

Plugin Vidsigner for glpi

Vidsigner for GLPI

Sign your documents quickly, securely, and hassle-free with Vidsigner Plugin. This advanced add-on offers you all the tools you need to transform the way you sign your documents

Plugin autofirma for glpi

Autofirma for GLPI

AutoFirma is the ultimate plugin that seamlessly integrates with Asset Handover 2.X, making document signing a breeze.

vehicle plugin for glpi

Vehicles for GLPI

With Vehicles Plugin, managing your fleet becomes a breeze, offering a wide array of powerful features designed to streamline and optimize your vehicle operations

Waypoint plugin for glpi

Waypoint for GLPI

Introducing Waypoint Plugin – Revolutionizing Geolocation and Travel Tracking for Gapp White Label!

Enhance your field service management with Waypoint Plugin, a cutting-edge solution that empowers your team to track geolocation and travel activities within Gapp White Label.