Waypoint for GLPI

Waypoint plugin for glpi

Waypoint for GLPI

Introducing Waypoint Plugin – Revolutionizing Geolocation and Travel Tracking for Gapp White Label!

Enhance your field service management with Waypoint Plugin, a cutting-edge solution that empowers your team to track geolocation and travel activities within Gapp White Label.

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499€/year (24% discount on renewals before expiration)

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Description Waypoint plugin for GLPI

  • With Waypoint Plugin, you can optimize your field service operations, gaining real-time insights into your technicians’ locations and travel activities. Whether it’s tracking movement prior to task execution or recording geolocation data for actions, this plugin delivers unparalleled efficiency and control.
  • Integrate Waypoint Plugin with Gapp White Label effortlessly, unleashing the full potential of your mobile field service capabilities. Stay ahead of the competition with streamlined geolocation and travel tracking that keeps your team on track and maximizes productivity.
  • With one year of dedicated support and updates, you can rest assured that Waypoint Plugin will stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements and continue to deliver exceptional performance.
  • Key Features:
    • Geolocation Recording for Technicians: Effortlessly record technicians’ geolocation data in relation to the actions they perform using the mobile terminal.
    • Travel Tracking: Keep a comprehensive log of travel activities, capturing movement data before actual work commences or Actiontime/Actualtime.
  • Supported Platforms: GLPI: 10.0.X
  • What’s Included:
    • Integration with Gapp White Label: Seamlessly integrate Waypoint Plugin with Gapp White Label, enhancing your mobile field service capabilities.
    • Integration with Gapp Xtended: Extend the functionality of Gapp White Label with seamless integration with Gapp Xtended.
    • 1-Year Support and Updates: Enjoy dedicated support and receive timely updates for one year, ensuring a smooth and continuously enhanced user experience.
  • Take your field service management to new heights with Waypoint Plugin. Empower your team, optimize travel activities, and achieve unrivaled efficiency in your operations. Experience the future of geolocation and travel tracking today!

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