Gapp White Label

Gapp White Label for GLPI

Gapp White Label for GLPI

Experience the power of TiCGAL Mobile App and revolutionize your GLPI incident management. Empower your team to resolve incidents efficiently and effectively, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Take charge of your incident management today with the TiCGAL Mobile App!

Supported versions:


  • Android up to 500 Assets* or up to 500 Users: 700 €
  • Android + iOS up to 500 Assets* or up to 500 Users: 1050 €
  • Android up to 1000 Assets* or up to 1000 Users: 1250 €
  • Android + iOS up to 1000 Assets* or up to 1000 Users: 1875 €

(40% discount on renewals before expiration)

* Computers, Printers, Network Devices

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Description Gapp White Label for GLPI

Manage GLPI incidents on-the-go with the TiCGAL Mobile App, a powerful and customized mobile application tailored exclusively for your organization. Available on Android 6+ and iOS 13+, this app offers seamless incident management, making it easier for your team to stay productive and efficient.

Key Features:

  • GLPI Incident Management: Effortlessly handle incidents directly from your mobile device, ensuring timely and effective resolution.
  • Customized Gapp Self-Service: Enjoy the Gapp Self-Service app with personalized branding, including app name, corporate colors, and logo, reflecting your organization’s identity.
  • Preconfigured Server Access: Access your GLPI server with just your username and password, making login simple and secure.
  • Enhanced Request Source Tracking: Record the origin of requests and personalized follow-ups with ease, providing valuable insights for incident management.
  • Deeplinks: Seamlessly navigate to specific sections within the app for a smooth user experience.
  • Customizable Push Notifications: Stay informed with push notifications that support native GLPI templates and even emoticons, ensuring important updates reach your team promptly.
  • Notification History: Keep track of past notifications to stay updated on all critical incidents.
  • Supported Plugins: Enjoy additional functionality with supported plugins, including Credit, Actualtime (enhanced with Geolocation), TAM (plugin not included), and Waypoints (plugin not included).


  • Gapp eXtended Plugin: This indispensable GLPI plugin ensures the seamless operation of Gapp and enhances its features.
  • 1-Year Warranty (Bugfixes): Benefit from a worry-free experience with a one-year warranty covering bug fixes.
  • 1-Year Updates: Stay up-to-date with new features and enhancements, ensuring a continuously optimized mobile app.
  • 1 Hour of Remote Support for GLPI Configuration: Our experts will assist with the remote configuration of GLPI to ensure smooth integration with Gapp.


  • Compatibility with GLPI Production Versions n and n-1
  • Please Note:
    • iOS Version Requires Android Version: The iOS version is not available independently and must be purchased in conjunction with the Android version.
    • Windows Hosted GLPI Requires Support Bonus: If your GLPI is hosted on Windows, an additional support bonus will be required.
    • App Store Publication: If Apple rejects the app publication, it will be listed as “Apps not included” or published using Apple Business Manager, with possible additional costs.

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