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3CX Integration (GLPI VoIP Integration)

Integrate your virtual phone system effortlessly with GLPI using the 3CX Integration. Designed to optimize your telephony experience, this plugin bridges the gap between GLPI and 3CX, enhancing communication and productivity like never before

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599€/year (40% discount on renewals before expiration)

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Description 3CX Integration (GLPI VoIP Integration)

Presenting 3CX Integration – Seamless VoIP Plugin for GLPI!. 

Key Features:

    • GLPI Compatibility: Works flawlessly with GLPI version 10, ensuring seamless integration into your existing environment.
    • 3CX Compatibility: Compatible with 3CX 18 PRO or Enterprise editions, enabling a smooth and robust connection between your virtual phone system and GLPI.
    • Exclusive VoIP Integration: Tailored specifically for 3CX, this plugin is not compatible with other CRM integrations offered by 3CX.


  • Phone Number Lookup: Effortlessly search for phone numbers associated with Users, Entities, Providers, and Contacts directly from within GLPI.
  • 3CX Widgets for Native GLPI Dashboard: Access real-time 3CX server status, service status, active calls, and recorded call storage directly on your GLPI dashboard.
  • Click to Call from GLPI: Initiate calls directly from GLPI by clicking on phone numbers within follow-ups, tasks, or other relevant areas.
  • Call Recording Access: If authorized, access call recordings stored on the 3CX server from within GLPI.


  • Remote 3CX Configuration: Our experts will assist with remote configuration, ensuring seamless integration with your 3CX system.Plugin Installation + Remote GLPI
  • Configuration: Get the plugin up and running smoothly in your GLPI environment with remote configuration support.
  • 1-Hour Training: Benefit from a one-hour training session to make the most out of the 3CX Integration.
  • 1-Year Support and Updates: Enjoy dedicated support and receive regular updates for one year, ensuring a reliable and continuously enhanced integration experience.

Not Included:

  • GLPI Support: While the plugin itself includes support, you have the option to contract additional GLPI support pack for additional assistance.
  • 3CX Support: Although the plugin comes with its own support, support for the 3CX system is not included and is available separately.
  • Unify your phone system and ticket management with 3CX Integration. Empower your team with enhanced telephony features and boost productivity like never before.. Experience seamless VoIP integration with GLPI today!

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