Asset Handover for GLPI (download)

Asset Handover plugin for glpi

Asset Handover for GLPI

Ultimate Asset Management Solution. Perform Asset Handover swiftly and securely, while retaining full control and information throughout the entire end-to-end process.

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Description Asset Handover plugin for GLPI

  • Effortlessly oversee the handover and return of your GLPI assets while keeping track of every detail. This intuitive plugin offers:
  • Seamless Handovers and Returns: Streamline your asset management processes. Hand over and return GLPI assets with ease and precision.
  • Customizable HTML Templates: Personalize your Asset Handover and return experience. Our HTML customisable templates provide flexibility and consistency in your communications.
  • Multilanguage Support: Overcome language barriers. Our plugin supports multiple languages to ensure an inclusive and effective asset management process for all users.
  • Comprehensive User and Supplier Management: Keep track of every asset a user has or had and every user that used an asset. Our plugin affects every GLPI user and even suppliers.
  • Effective Asset Reservation: Avoid double assignments with our automatic asset reservation feature.
  • Asset EOL Tracking: Stay informed about your assets’ end-of-life (EOL) status, including the reasons behind it.
  • Paperless eSignature Integration: Go green with our paperless integration with other eSignature solutions. Generate compliant digital signatures with third-party integrations, eliminating the need for printing, signing, and archiving handover and return documents.
  • Make the smart move to Asset Handover. Take the complexity out of asset management and focus on what truly matters – your business.